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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is a general term that describes the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions.

Sellers financing has several benefits:

  • Removes the need for going to a bank which adds significant time to the process explaining to them how the business works so they can be comfortable lending against it
  • Seller can get tax benefits from use of sellers financing and keep getting paid over time
  • Allows sellers to negotiate a higher price and also affords buyers the ability to pay more via leverage from sellers financing
  • In the current environment, access to broader debt market might be limited. Lots of companies are drawing down bank lines to strengthen balance sheet. Lenders are getting more cautious and borrowers need more capital in light of operational challenges



The SBA 7(a) loan is one of several commercial loans that are government-backed and that provide small, U.S.-based businesses with funding. Businesses can use these for real estate, working capital, or equipment.

The SBA doesn’t lend this money directly to businesses. Instead, a bank or financial institution provides the loan, and the SBA backs (guarantees) a certain amount of it.